Slapping Course

This is a game changer for any player or coach who wants to learn how to quickly implement the slapping game. Do you know a player who would be more valuable from the left side? Maybe you want to lower your time to first base? This is the easiest way to learn how to become an offensive force from the left side of the plate.
  Introduction to Slapping

Firecracker president Tony Rico explains the goal of these slapping lessons, as well as who is a good candidate to become a slapper. Turning over to the left side can drastically increase a good athlete's offensive value.
  Slapping - Box Dimensions

In order to be efficient with the short game, we must first be proficient. In this video you will learn the actual dimensions of the box, and why this is important for short gamers.
  Goals of a Slapper

Too many slappers put too much pressure on themselves by only thinking that they have to get on base. Here Coach Tony explains our slappers philosophy, which leads to a higher on-base percentage by not focusing on the result of the at-bat.
  Drag Bunt - 12 13 Steps to First Base

This is a game changer for lefties! Coach Tony explains how using the front of the box shortens a slappers time to first base. A faster time equals higher value for lefties.
  The Drag Bunt

In this video you will learn how to simply execute the drag bunt, which is a critical tool for slappers. We make our drills extremely easy so that beginners can execute this skill immediately.
  Slapping - The Drag Bunt Drill

Learn our simple front toss drill that can be done in the backyard, or with a small group of lefties. Successful repetition builds confidence a lot faster than over correction!
  Slapping - Soft Slap Practice Drill

Coach Tony explains how to he works with a group of lefties on the soft slap skill. These drills are simple and easy for coaches to reproduce.
  Slapping - The Soft Slap

Do you know the best way to shorten your time to first base? Here are some tips to one of the most powerful offensive weapons on the field.
  Slapping - Closing The Gap To First Base

Here we breakdown the footwork of the soft slap even more, so that we can ensure the fastest time to first base. This is an advantage our lefties have used for many years
  Slapping - The Hard Slap

Here we take a look at our hard slap drill using a pitching machine. The hard slap is the slapping compliment to the soft slap.
  Slapping-Breaking Down The Drag Bunt (In The Cage)

The drag bunt kills defenses. Coach Tony explains the key components to learning an effective drag bunt. The drag bunt is an excellent compliment to the slap when used effectively.
  Slapping - Breaking Down The Soft Slap (In The Cage)

Coach Tony breaks down the soft slap and explains some differences from the drag bunt. This lesson is excellent for beginners.