Professional Parent Course

This module will discuss and demonstrate how you can become a "professional" minded parent. Why is this important? The rise in depression and anxiety is proof that without a proper support system, too many of our players are unable to deal with the stresses in the game. Follow our simple rules, and you will help more than hinder your daughter's success.
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  Becoming A Professional Parent

Firecracker president Tony Rico gives some insight on how our parents can professionalize their conduct. Too many parents don't understand how much their behavior can affect their daughter's mindset.
  Mindset Towards Your Daughter

Tony gives some guidance on how to properly support your daughter's softball experience. This is one of the most critical pieces to your daughter's well being.
  Mindset Towards Coaches

What's the best way to develop and maintain a good relationship with your daughter's coach? This is one area that often affects a players anxiety level.

Coach Tony shares some tips on how to maintain a healthy mindset when dealing with college recruiting. The first generation of early recruiting suffered a lot of emotional damage, so make sure you are educated.
  Mindset When Leaving A Team

It is extremely important to be a good example for our players, especially when making a tough decision like leaving a team. However, it is still our responsibility to conduct ourselves professionally. Coach Tony offers some advice on how to part ways appropriately.

  Achieve, Purpose, Provide

Coach Tony talks about the triangle of success that we want our players to experience. Most people master two out of the three, but without purpose, what are we?
  Becoming A Professional Parent - At The Park

Firecracker parents have a responsibility to be professional in their conduct. Here coach Tony shows a couple of examples of good and poor parent behavior at the park. Which one are you?
  Becoming A Professional Parent 2020

Resiliency for our players starts at home. Learn some of the do's and don't when supporting a professional minded young athlete. Don't wait til it's too late and the stress is too great.

  Taking It Easy Senior Year

Coach Tony talks about the importance of continued development the senior year of high school.