Players Physical Series - Throwing Fundamentals

Players Physical Series - Throwing Fundamentals

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Total Duration: 18:48

Videos: 3

Learn the Firecracker overhand routine and important throwing slots that most players fail to learn. It is very noticeable when a player has the correct throwing motion and release. This has been a signature of the FC defense for years.
1. Firecracker Warm Up Routine
Here's an example of how our Firecracker throwing warm up routine. It incorporates both long and short toss. Perform this for about 10-15 minutes before practice or workouts.
2. Downward Trajectory
*Game Changer* This is an extremely important concept for our players to understand when throwing the ball. It's another trait of higher level trained players, which is important not only to play the game correctly, but it also significantly increases recruiting value because so few players utilize it.
The Pitch Back
Here FC alum and former All-American Kylee Lahners demonstrates how you can incorperate the "pitch back" into your home practice regiment. It's simple, affordable and fun! Most importantly it's a good way to get a lot of quality repetitions while offsetting your lesson costs.