Players Mindset Course

In this series, players will discover the most important and often the most overlooked part of being a professional athlete - the MINDSET. Tony Rico breaks down the fundamental philosophies that will help train your way of thinking, enabling you to unlock your best performance state of mind.
  1. Players Mindset INTRODUCTION

Firecrackers have a reputation for being mentally strong. Learn why it's such an important part of our success.
  The Overall Mindset Of A Player

It only makes sense to have a clear idea of what to expect of yourself before you even put on the uniform. Learn how to develop the strong mental game for which Firecracker players are known
  Mindset Of A Hitter

Strengthen your mental game by learning the approach used by the game's most successful hitters.
  Mindset Of A Pitcher

Before you step in the circle, you must have a mental approach that will allow you to play your best on a consistent basis.
  Developing Awareness As A Pitcher

You will perform better when you have heightened your awareness of what's going on around you. Being aware helps you stay in control.
  Mindset Of Getting Recruited

Take control of your own recruiting experience! Here we describe a healthy mindset towards the roller coaster recruiting journey.
  Players Post-Performance (Debreif)

Stop beating yourself up after your games. Learn to review and take important information from each game, so that you can make adjustments your next game.
  Infielders Mindset

Learn what it takes to have the mindset of a great infielder. Combine this with the proper fundamentals, and you have a complete ballplayer.
  Outfielders Mindset

Coach Tony talks about how to demonstrate a behavior and persona that will help you get noticed in one of the toughest places to do so....the outfield.
  Taking It Easy Senior Year

Coach Tony talks about the importance of continued development the senior year of high school.
  The Firecrackers Building Blocks Of Success: Think/Act/Perform Professionally

Coach Tony lays out the progression for success for our coaches and players. The "trained" professional doesn't fall into the trap of ignoring the mind and behavior. Master the "system" and the results will follow.