Pitching Course

Frustrated with not seeing results from your pitchers come game time? Change the game for your pitchers by applying this new system that starts with empowering the mind and changing the behavior. Next, coach Tony shows you how to master hitting locations and changing speeds. This system leads to getting hitters out, which is the name of the pitching game. This will absolutely change the way you look at pitching and give you a legitimate chance to start winning more big games.

  Mindset Of A Pitcher

Before you step in the circle, you must have a mental approach that will allow you to play your best on a consistent basis.
  Developing Awareness As A Pitcher

You will perform better when you have heightened your awareness of what's going on around you. Being aware helps you stay in control.
  Players Post-Performance (Debreif)

Stop beating yourself up after your games. Learn to review and take important information from each game, so that you can make adjustments your next game.
  Developing The Pitcher's Routine

Is your pitcher prepared for situational stress? Developing a routine will allow her to manage and control herself in those critical moments when the pressure is the greatest. The routine is a strong indicator of a professionally trained pitcher.

Hitting Locations and Changing Speeds
  Mastering Locations - The Setup

Coach Tony covers the simple materials needed for a location based bullpen. No catcher needed!

  Mastering Locations - The Low and Away Pitch

Stop worrying about how hard you throw and start winning with what you have. Watch Coach Tony conduct a location based bullpen, and start developing a winning routine. The Firecrackers have won numerous championships using this system, so watch and change the way you think about pitching TODAY!

  Mastering Locations - Adding The Second Location

Coach Tony shows how to add a second location to your workout. This is a game changer for any pitcher or coach who applies the concept of location pitching.

  Developing The Third Speed

Coach Tony explains how you can develop the deadly third speed through the cognitive process, while he works with a player who is also learning the method. Applying this concept empowers the functional value of pitchers by giving them another tool to disrupt a batters timing.