Hitting Course

From mindset and behavior, to set ups and practice routines, to cage routines and hitting the toughest pitches. In a day and age where too many people argue about hitting, we're just passing on what has already been proven to work.

  The Deep Breath

*Game Changer* Learn why the deep breath is such an important part of our players routine and success. Managing crisis moments is something that we consciously train for, and our players are ready for it when it happens.
  Hitting - Be The Hunter

Coach Tony explains the "hunter" posture that helps our players create a strong presence in the batter's box. This is what separates the most dominate hitters on the field from the rest of the pack.
  Firecracker Hitting Approach

Coach Tony explains the simple philosophies that have been the foundation of our success for close to three decades. Learn why the Firecrackers have taken more of a "right brain" approach towards playing the game, and most of all why it works!

  Hitting - Practice with a Purpose

Here are a few tips to help ensure that your personal practice time is productive. Working smarter has proven itself to be more efficient than just working hard.
  Hitting - Game Approach

This is critical as it allows our players to understand what a solid game approach is to their at bats. Coach Tony covers the thought process before and during the at bat that not enough players master.
  Hitting - Setting Up in the Box

In this episode we go over the basics when setting up in the batter's box. Understanding plate coverage is essential for all hitters.

Practice this drill 1 minute a day 3-5 days a week.
  The Firecracker Load or First Move

*Game Changer* Learn our secrets of how to create a proper rhythm to your swing that will allow you to see the ball better and be on time more often.

Practice this drill in the mirror for 1-2 minutes 3-5 times a week.
  Hitting - Contact Points

Learn generally where the contact points are for different pitch locations. This can help you adjust to get your swing "on time". Perform this drill in front of a mirror for 1-2 minutes 2-3 times a week.
  Fastest Way To Improve Batting Average

*This is a game changer* Coach Tony talks about the single most over looked factor that leads to a successful batting average.
  Center Adjust/ 2-2-2 / 1-1-1 with Kylee Lahners

Listen to coach Tony break down our *Game Changer* batting cage routine: These are the most effective cage routines for our players to use to help prepare them for how they are being pitched to by opposing coaches. Leave the cage knowing that you can hit the ball from the left field line to the right field line and that you are ready for any pitch called against you.
  Drop Ball/Rise Ball with Kylee Lahners

* Game Changer* Do you want to hit the toughest pitches from the toughest pitchers out there? Listen and watch as coach Tony and former Washington All-American Kylee Lahners discuss and demonstrate how to hit the rise ball and the drop ball. These are not mechanical approaches, but instead we focus on timing and contact points.
  Hitting - Extension Drill

The most beautiful part of the swing-the extension. Here's a simple five-minute drill that will help develop extension into the swing. See if you can re-create it perfectly/
  Hitting - Holding the Follow Through

Coach Tony explains why our players hold their follow with their swings. It's something we see in other professional sports, but not enough in softball. It can be the difference when drawing attention to a recruiting video.

  Hitting - Hitting The Punching Bag

Learn how your hitters can benefit from hitting a punching bag with demonstrations from All-Americans Melissa Roth and Kylee Lahners

  Hitting - Hitting From A Chair

Learn when and what the benefits are when a hitter swings from a chair. Great way to stay sharp for players who have injuries to their lower extremities