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We hope you find these podcasts with key people in our organization and industry both informative and entertaining.
Episode (1) Amanda Freed Katchka and Melissa Roth
You can't beat the insight and experience from Amanda and Mel. Gold medals, national championships, conference player of the year and five All-American awards between them make this worth listening for every member of the FC's.
Episode (2) FC alum Lexi Robles
Firecracker and St John alumni Lexi Robles stopped by to talk about her experiences as a Firecracker and how it helped prepare her to live in the "big apple".
Episode (3) Sean Brashear
Coach Tony sits down with FC VP Sean Brashear bringing you insight as to how building a culture leads to a more fulfilling level of success on the field. Very few coaches actually apply this concept.
Episode (4) FC VP Sean Brashear and FC Coach/Admin Roman Gallegos
This is a great listen for FC coaches as we discuss relatable topics on and off the field. Whether its championship play or recruiting, there is always something to learn from when it comes to the experience of FC coaches.
Episode (5) Sean Brashear-Year End Recap
Firecracker Vice President Sean Brashear recaps a very successful year for the FC Brashear umbrella. Listen to the ingredients of their success, as it's not the typical route to success that is most taken in softball.
Episode (6) Derek Allister/OnDeck Softball
Listen to Derek Allister of OnDeck Softball talk about the value of OnDeck Measurements and how college coaches are utilizing this date when recruiting players. Derek and Joann Allister are two of the most respected people in today's world of softball, and any advice from them is good advice.
Episode (7) Amanda Freed Katchka
Listen in as the Olympic gold medalist discusses some of this year's hot topics with coach Tony Rico.
Episode (8) Big Bear Coach Special
Recommended for all FC head coaches. Coach Donnie Hagberg, Jason Steiner, Sean Brashear and Mark Thornburg join coach Tony as they talk about their experiences with budgeting and fundraising.
Episode (10) Mike Stith
Join FC president Tony as he talks with Batbuster president Mike Stith about his professional growth and the future of softball.
Episode (13) Summer Guidelines for FC Coaches

Here are some guidelines for what we expect from our coaches in the organization. How you represent the organization as a coach is very important.

Episode 1(4) Manny Travieso: FC Hollywood

Listen in if you like the idea of international travel and want to hear how coach Manny pulled off taking the first American based softball team to play in Cuba.

Episode (15) FC coach Donnie Hagberg

Donnie talks about his mindset and success during qualifying time. This will benefit our coaches who are trying to get over the qualifying hump.

Episode (16) TJ Houshmandzadeh [Uncensored)]

Coach Tony had a great candid conversation with the former NFL star, who is developing one of the best teams in the country.

Episode (18) Batbuster President Mike Stith 2

Batbuster President Mike Stith returns to talk about the newest format for the upcoming BBFC event. Keeping things fresh and staying ahead of the game is something we pride ourselves on. Listen and hear what change sounds like.

Episode (19) Jorge Araujo

Former Firecracker coach and current Cal State Fullerton/Mexican Jr. National Team coach Jorge Araujo talks about the past, present and future with coach Tony.

Episode (20) Daniel Schneider

FC Coach Daniel Schneider talks about what led him to work in public service, and how he got his team involved in helping others.