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Coaches Series

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This series will teach our coaches how to think, act and execute the game in the same successful way that has made Firecracker softball successful over the past three decades. We will cover mindset, behavior and then finish with team drills and strategies that are guaranteed to set you apart from the "untrained" coach.
1. The Overall Mindset of a Coach
It's very important that our coaches envision how it is that they will be conducting themselves. Our behavior should create the perception that our families are in good hands.
2. Mindset Relating to Players
Here is some important information on how to view your relationship with your players. Creating a framework ahead of time is more important now than ever before.
3. Mindset Relating to Parents
This is a common problem area for many coaches. Learn how to best approach the confrontational parent and maintain a calm demeanor.
4. Mindset Relating to Opposing Coaches

Tired of not being respected as a coach? How you relate to other coaches is a key factor in reassuring your families that they are in the right hands. Here coach Tony explains a mindset that will enable a behavior that commands respect when your team needs it the most.

5. Mindset Relating with Umpires
Here's some important advice on how to properly build relationships with umpires. This has a definite impact on your team.
6. Post-Performance (debrief) Mindset
Coach Tony gives some tips on how to make the post game talk a productive one.
7. Mindset of Winning the Big Game
What's the best way to approach the big game? Learn how to avoid the trap that waits for the inexperienced coach when the pressure is the greatest to win the big game.
8. Mindset Towards Championship Play
Take the field with the best state of mind possible, and give your team their best chance to win the big game.
9. Handling Success and Failure
Here is how we maintain balance and peace of mind through the normal successes and failures of softball.
10. Talking to College Coaches About Recruiting
Here is some valuable insight as to how to go about the recruiting process. Behavior is everything when it cones to talking with college coaches.
12. Finding The Right Staff
FC VP Sean Brashear and coach Tony discuss how adding the right type of coaches can be the difference maker in your team's success.
13. Making Good Great
Coach Tony and Sean Brashear talk about how get a team to play above what others might have projected.
14. Tryouts and Recruiting
Tony and Sean discuss how to run an efficient tryout , and the ethics of recruiting players to your team.
16. Mindset - Dealing With Today's Players
Coach Tony talks about today's players and how to be prepared for what is the current trend in thinking.
19. Mindset - Working With Your Hitters
Coach Tony talks about your mindset as a hitting coach, and how it can hinder or help the function of the hitter.
Teaching the Sidearm Throw
30. Throwing Sidearm - Introduction

**Game Changer** Coach Tony explains the most critical checkpoints when teaching the sidearm throw.

31. Throwing Sidearm - First Steps (Longer Version)

This is how we introduce our players to throwing sidearm. We have them visualize and reproduce the correct motions at a slower speed before progressing to a faster speed.

31. Throwing Sidearm - First Steps

This is how we introduce our players to throwing sidearm. We have them visualize and reproduce the correct motions at a slower speed before progressing to a faster speed.

32. Throwing Sidearm - Multiple Players

Here we incorporate multiple players while paying attention to detail and slowly picking up speed. Notice the quality is not lost when transitioning to full speed throws.

33. Throwing Sidearm - Double Plays

Learn how to incorporate the sidearm throw into your double play feeds.

34. Throwing Sidearm - Ground Ball Double Play

Coach Tony explains a simple double play feed drill using our sidearm form.

35. Throwing Sidearm - Incorporating Into Warm Up

FC alum Kylee and Sammie demonstrate how players can apply our principles of throwing sidearm to their warm up routine.

Game Strategies
19. How To Score Runs - How To Get On Base

These chalk talk videos are designed to give our coaches some framework for how to score runs against different levels of competition. This first lesson covers our approach towards getting our players on base with swinging away, bunting or slapping. Refer to this video to prepare or when your team is not getting any runners on base. You can't score if you don't get on!

20. How To Score Runs - Moving The Runner To Second Base

You've got a runner on, now let's get her into scoring position. Here are a few ways to do it.

21. How To Score Runs - The 0-1 Count

You can do a lot of damage on one of the most predictable counts in softball. Learn how we look at the 0-1 count, and how we make it work for us.

22. How To Score Runs - The Fake Bunt Steal

Coaches: Learn the basic reads for this play that will win big ballgames for you. Most teams do not know how to prepare for it. This is a MUST for your offensive toolbox.

23. How To Score Runs - Moving The Runner From Second To Third Base

Your runner is scoring position. Now what? You can play it by the book or you can roll the dice.

24. How To Score Runs - Scoring The Runner From Third Base

Make sure you are proficient in getting your runners home from third base. Ever heard of the shuffle shuffle go?

29. Secondary Leads Off Of Third Base

Are your players efficient when leading off third base? Here are some key principles to remember when teaching your players.

30. Scoring Runs - Fake Bunt Steal Reads

*GAME CHANGER* Coach Tony helps you see what he sees from the third base coaching box when reading defenses for the fake bunt, steal. Learn what to look for and start winning ballgames from the 3rd base box without hitting the ball!

31. Getting Back To First Base On Secondary Leads

Learn how to get back to the bag more efficiently without diving and exposing hands and fingers to the feet of the defensive player.

Team Practice Drills
25. How To Properly Time Slappers

Are you timing your slapper correctly? Coach Tony explains the proper way to use a stopwatch to get an accurate time from home to first.

27. Introduction to Team Downward Trajectory Catch

This drill is for coaches to see how we implement "downward trajectory" in a small group or team format. Creating successful repetition is key when running a practice.

28. Team Secondary Lead Drills

This is a simple practice or pre-game drill to work on the fundamentals of secondary leads. Learn how to use their center of gravity more efficiently when getting back or exploding to the next base.

Episode 8 Big Bear Coach Special
Recommended for all FC head coaches. Coach Donnie Hagberg, Jason Steiner, Sean Brashear and Mark Thornburg join coach Tony as they talk about their experiences with budgeting and fundraising.
32. Indoor Infield Drills - Tennis Ball Drill

Here's a fun, simple drill to develop hand eye coordination for fielders. Reading hops is an essential skill for all fielders.