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Bonus and Features

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Get helpful insight with our "In the Cage" and "Chalk Talk" segments, as well as interviews and other special FC OnDemand footage.
Chalk Talk
Chalk Talk: Slap Defense
FC vice president Sean Brashear and coach Tony talk about the slap defense from both an offensive and defensive perspective. Great for coaches and players to gain understanding on how to strategize within this defense.
Chalk Talk (2) - Bunt Defense
Learn to "break the back" of your opponent by turning a common crisis situation around against your opponent. Understand the concept of an aggressive bunt defense and create success for your team when the tying or winning run is on first base.
Chalk Talk (3) - Bunt Offense
Many teams fail to move the runner over when they need it the most. In this lesson we talk about how to effectively bunt in the toughest situations against the toughest teams with the toughest pitchers.
Chalk Talk (4) - Team Defense Ball In The Air
*Critical Coaching Information*
Never again will you see a ball drop in between your fielders because of a lack of communication. Learn the proper"chain of command" for communication on balls in the air and make sure those out balls are caught!
19. How To Score Runs - How To Get On Base

These chalk talk videos are designed to give our coaches some framework for how to score runs against different levels of competition. This first lesson covers our approach towards getting our players on base with swinging away, bunting or slapping. Refer to this video to prepare or when your team is not getting any runners on base. You can't score if you don't get on!

20. How To Score Runs - Moving The Runner To Second Base

You've got a runner on, now let's get her into scoring position. Here are a few ways to do it.

21. How To Score Runs - The 0-1 Count

You can do a lot of damage on one of the most predictable counts in softball. Learn how we look at the 0-1 count, and how we make it work for us.

22. How To Score Runs - The Fake Bunt Steal

Coaches: Learn the basic reads for this play that will win big ballgames for you. Most teams do not know how to prepare for it. This is a MUST for your offensive toolbox.

23. How To Score Runs - Moving The Runner From Second To Third Base

Your runner is scoring position. Now what? You can play it by the book or you can roll the dice.

24. How To Score Runs - Scoring The Runner From Third Base

Make sure you are proficient in getting your runners home from third base. Ever heard of the shuffle shuffle go?

Live Events/Talks
9-8-18 Chino Hills Event - Mental Health and FC Culture
Coach Tony gives his annual opening day speech on the philosophy of the Firecrackers. This is recommended if you want an in depth look into what's behind the FC's.
In The Cage
In The Cage with Amanda Freed Katchka
Olympic gold medalist Amanda Freed Katchka talks about her set up in the batter's box while leading off and batting behind Natasha Watley at UCLA in the early 2000's.
In The Cage with Melissa Roth
Two time All-American Melissa Roth talks about her approach as lead off batter for the University of Louisville. Melissa had thirty-two home runs in her last two years as a cardinal and also won conference player of the year her junior year in 2009.
In The Cage with Lexi Robles
Former Firecracker and St John's middle infielder Lexi Robles stopped by and showed us how she utilized the sneak bunt to increase her value in the line-up.
Coach Donnie Hagberg (Part 1)
FC coach Donnie Hagberg shares experiences from his eleven years with the Firecrackers, which will benefit all new coaches and dads who are new to the FC's.
Coach Donnie Hagberg (Part 2)
Here is more great insight from coach Donnie for FC coaches and fathers.
Coach Jason Steiner
Get to know Coach Jason Steiner as he talks about being a coach and a father in the Firecracker organization. Most dads and coaches will relate to a lot of what coach Jason is saying.
Quick Tips
The Pitch Back
Here FC alum and former All-American Kylee Lahners demonstrates how you can incorperate the "pitch back" into your home practice regiment. It's simple, affordable and fun! Most importantly it's a good way to get a lot of quality repetitions while offsetting your lesson costs.
The Rhythm Ball
No more picking up balls. This is one of the most simple ways to get a lot of reps with your swing. The Rhythm ball can be hung up in a cage, garage or patio, and it can made for under five dollars!