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Inside The Firecrackers VLOG: Episode #4 (Covid-19 Edition)
Inside The Firecrackers VLOG: Episode #4 (Covid-19 Edition)
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See how FC Rico/Weil occupied their time and found purpose during the quarantine of 2020

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Inside The Firecrackers VLOG: Episode #4 (Covid-19 Edition)

See how FC Rico/Weil occupied their time and found purpose during the quarantine of 2020

The History of Firecracker Softball: Part Two

In the second part of this TWO-PART Firecracker Softball Documentary Special, FC President Tony Rico invites Brentt Eads to come back to the Firecracker warehouse to reflect on the last couple of decades that built the FC culture and brand that it has become today.

The History of Firecracker Softball: Part One

FC President invites Brentt Eads to come back to the Firecracker warehouse to reflect on the last couple of decades that built the FC culture and brand that it has become today

Inside The Firecrackers VLOG: Episode #2

In the second episode of Inside The Firecrackers VLOG, Kennedy comes back to training after a big injury, Emily and Taylor discuss throwing drills, Shelbi shows off her Chicken Nuggets and Gucci belt, and FC Coach/President Tony Rico breaks down some fundamental team drills.

Building up to the 2020 summer Championship season, this VLOG gives audiences open door access into the lives, efforts, difficulties and the fun of the players within the culture of Firecrackers Softball.

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Throwing Sidearm - Ground Ball Double Play

Coach Tony explains a simple double play feed drill using our sidearm form.

Chalk Talk (5) Bunt Situations - Rounding Second Base

Coach TJ Houshmandzadeh join Tony for a white board talk about baserunning. Specifically, rounding second base when moving station to station. Gain insight to an offensive and defensive perspective that will better prepare you for these situations.

Mindset Towards Your Daughter
Tony gives some guidance on how to properly support your daughter's softball experience. This is one of the most critical pieces to your daughter's well being.
Indoor Infield Drills - Tagging Runners On The Base

Teach your fielders to tag effectively by making sure baserunners don't slide under the tag.

52. Team Bounce Drill

This softball conditioning drill can be done at home or with a group. Follow along or do this on your own five times for a minute each time. Progress up to five minutes with no break.

Bounce-split like an athlete

Bounce-drop like an infielder

Bounce-drop-jump fingers to the sky

Bounce-one leg then the other leg

The Deep Breath
*Game Changer* Learn why the deep breath is such an important part of our players routine and success. Managing crisis moments is something that we consciously train for, and our players are ready for it when it happens.
Summer Guidelines for FC Parents 2019

Coaches Sean Brashear, Donnie Hagberg and Tony discuss the guidelines for a better parental experience for those who want one.

The Pitch Back Drill

Here's a great 5 minute conditioning/coordination drill that can be adapted to be done at home.

Team Talk - Standards and Distractions

Coach Tony talks to the team about the importance of personal standards and how to maintain them with common distractions.

Inside The Firecrackers VLOG: Episode #1

In this SERIES PREMIERE, the Firecracker Softball headquarters in Huntington Beach opens its doors to give an open access look into how successful teams and elite level athletes develop and grow within a culture of success lead by FC President Tony Rico.

This VLOG gives audiences open door access into the lives, efforts, difficulties and the fun of the players within the culture of Firecrackers softball.

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Episode (21) Natasha Watley

A Gold Medalist, World Champion, All-American and arguably the greatest speedster our game has ever known. This is a must watch for all coaches and especially slappers.

Post-Performance (Debrief) Mindset
Coach Tony gives some tips on how to make the post game talk a productive one.
Episode (20) Daniel Schneider

FC Coach Daniel Schneider talks about what led him to work in public service, and how he got his team involved in helping others.

Sidearm Diamond Catch

Watch the different levels of this drill and see how far you can develop your team. Combine this drill with the Overhand Diamond Catch drill and your team will ready to execute playing catch when championship play time comes.

Downward Trajectory
*Game Changer* This is an extremely important concept for our players to understand when throwing the ball. It's another trait of higher level trained players, which is important not only to play the game correctly, but it also significantly increases recruiting value because so few players utilize it.
Shotgun Drill

A quick release, quick feet, and good communication are key when defending the short game. Use the "Shotgun" drill to prepare your team when facing speedy opponents.

Overhand Diamond Catch

This drill develops playing catch while communicating, which are the keys to successful defense. It also concentrates on "rhythm" and "downward trajectory", which are traits that stand out on the field at camps and combines.

Rolling Ground Balls-2 Posts

Here is step one in developing infield skills. Simple successful repetition built on the principles of playing catch and communicating. There is no over-thinking or over-analyzing. Appropriate for all age groups.

Hitting Ground Balls-2 Posts

In step two of developing our team infield skills, we process to hitting easy ground balls. Not hitting too hard and concentrating again on successful repetition while playing catch and communicating.

Episode (19) Jorge Araujo

Former Firecracker coach and current Cal State Fullerton/Mexican Jr. National Team coach Jorge Araujo talks about the past, present and future with coach Tony.

Episode (18) Batbuster President Mike Stith 2

Batbuster President Mike Stith returns to talk about the newest format for the upcoming BBFC event. Keeping things fresh and staying ahead of the game is something we pride ourselves on. Listen and hear what change sounds like.

Episode (17) FC VP Sean Brashear, FC coaches Roman Gallegos and Donnie Hagberg

Always fun and informative when the boys stop by the studio

Mastering Locations - The Low and Away Pitch

Stop worrying about how hard you throw and start winning with what you have. Watch Coach Tony conduct a location based bullpen, and start developing a winning routine. The Firecrackers have won numerous championships using this system, so watch and change the way you think about pitching TODAY!

Mastering Locations - The Setup

Coach Tony covers the simple materials needed for a location based bullpen. No catcher needed!

Developing The Pitcher's Routine

Is your pitcher prepared for situational stress? Developing a routine will allow her to manage and control herself in those critical moments when the pressure is the greatest. The routine is a strong indicator of a professionally trained pitcher.

Firecracker Formula For On-Field Success

Coaches, how will you build your team this year? Coach Tony walks though some basic defensive and offensive principles that well help you prepare your team to for success on the field.

Episode (16) TJ Houshmandzadeh [Uncensored)]

Coach Tony had a great candid conversation with the former NFL star, who is developing one of the best teams in the country.

Becoming A Professional Parent 2020

Resiliency for our players starts at home. Learn some of the do's and don't when supporting a professional minded young athlete. Don't wait til it's too late and the stress is too great.

Building Successful Pitchers

Tired of the lack of production from your pitchers? Coach Tony shares some insight on how the Firecrackers created success in the circle by re-routing the way we mentally approach pitching.

Developing The Third Speed

Coach Tony explains how you can develop the deadly third speed through the cognitive process, while he works with a player who is also learning the method. Applying this concept empowers the functional value of pitchers by giving them another tool to disrupt a batters timing.

Chalk Talk (6) Leading off Third Base

Coach Tony and coach TJ discuss strategies and techniques when leading off third base.

Thinking Like A Professional Coach

Are you being treated professionally on the field? If so, it's because you conduct yourself professionally. It all starts in the mind.

The Firecrackers Building Blocks Of Success: Think/Act/Perform Professionally

Coach Tony lays out the progression for success for our coaches and players. The "trained" professional doesn't fall into the trap of ignoring the mind and behavior. Master the "system" and the results will follow.

Mastering Locations - Adding The Second Location

Coach Tony shows how to add a second location to your workout. This is a game changer for any pitcher or coach who applies the concept of location pitching.

Episode (13) Summer Guidelines for FC Coaches

Here are some guidelines for what we expect from our coaches in the organization. How you represent the organization as a coach is very important.

Mindset of Winning the Big Game
What's the best way to approach the big game? Learn how to avoid the trap that waits for the inexperienced coach when the pressure is the greatest to win the big game.
Mindset Of Getting Recruited
Take control of your own recruiting experience! Here we describe a healthy mindset towards the roller coaster recruiting journey.
Episode (15) FC coach Donnie Hagberg

Donnie talks about his mindset and success during qualifying time. This will benefit our coaches who are trying to get over the qualifying hump.

Episode (14) Manny Travieso: FC Hollywood

Listen in if you like the idea of international travel and want to hear how coach Manny pulled off taking the first American based softball team to play in Cuba.

Outtake Video (3)

More FCOD outakes:)\

Outtake Video (1)

Blooper time:)

Outtake Video (2)

Everyone makes mistakes!!

Indoor Infield Drills - Tennis Ball Drill

Here's a fun, simple drill to develop hand eye coordination for fielders. Reading hops is an essential skill for all fielders.

How To Score Runs - The 0-1 Count

You can do a lot of damage on one of the most predictable counts in softball. Learn how we look at the 0-1 count, and how we make it work for us.

Mindset Relating to Opposing Coaches

Tired of not being respected as a coach? How you relate to other coaches is a key factor in reassuring your families that they are in the right hands. Here coach Tony explains a mindset that will enable a behavior that commands respect when your team needs it the most.

Mindset Towards Coaches
What's the best way to develop and maintain a good relationship with your daughter's coach? This is one area that often affects a players anxiety level.
Hitting - Hitting From A Chair

Learn when and what the benefits are when a hitter swings from a chair. Great way to stay sharp for players who have injuries to their lower extremities

Catching Fundamentals w Melissa Roth

Listen in as two-time All-American Melissa Roth covers a few important checkpoints for our catcher's to remember when "receiving."

Hitting - Hitting The Punching Bag

Learn how your hitters can benefit from hitting a punching bag with demonstrations from All-Americans Melissa Roth and Kylee Lahners

Introduction to Team Downward Trajectory Catch

This drill is for coaches to see how we implement "downward trajectory" in a small group or team format. Creating successful repetition is key when running a practice.

Team Secondary Lead Drills

This is a simple practice or pre-game drill to work on the fundamentals of secondary leads. Learn how to use their center of gravity more efficiently when getting back or exploding to the next base.

Secondary Leads Off Of Third Base

Are your players efficient when leading off third base? Here are some key principles to remember when teaching your players.

Scoring Runs - Fake Bunt Steal Reads

*GAME CHANGER* Coach Tony helps you see what he sees from the third base coaching box when reading defenses for the fake bunt, steal. Learn what to look for and start winning ballgames from the 3rd base box without hitting the ball!

Getting Back To First Base On Secondary Leads

Learn how to get back to the bag more efficiently without diving and exposing hands and fingers to the feet of the defensive player.

How To Score Runs - The Fake Bunt Steal

Coaches: Learn the basic reads for this play that will win big ballgames for you. Most teams do not know how to prepare for it. This is a MUST for your offensive toolbox.

How To Score Runs - How To Get On Base

These chalk talk videos are designed to give our coaches some framework for how to score runs against different levels of competition. This first lesson covers our approach towards getting our players on base with swinging away, bunting or slapping. Refer to this video to prepare or when your team is not getting any runners on base. You can't score if you don't get on!

How To Score Runs - Moving The Runner To Second Base

You've got a runner on, now let's get her into scoring position. Here are a few ways to do it.

How To Score Runs - Moving The Runner From Second To Third Base

Your runner is scoring position. Now what? You can play it by the book or you can roll the dice.

How To Score Runs - Scoring The Runner From Third Base

Make sure you are proficient in getting your runners home from third base. Ever heard of the shuffle shuffle go?

Throwing Sidearm - Multiple Players

Here we incorporate multiple players while paying attention to detail and slowly picking up speed. Notice the quality is not lost when transitioning to full speed throws.

How To Properly Time Slappers

Are you timing your slapper correctly? Coach Tony explains the proper way to use a stopwatch to get an accurate time from home to first.

Throwing Sidearm - First Steps

This is how we introduce our players to throwing sidearm. We have them visualize and reproduce the correct motions at a slower speed before progressing to a faster speed.

Hitting - Holding the Follow Through

Coach Tony explains why our players hold their follow with their swings. It's something we see in other professional sports, but not enough in softball. It can be the difference when drawing attention to a recruiting video.

Firecracker Hitting Approach

Coach Tony explains the simple philosophies that have been the foundation of our success for close to three decades. Learn why the Firecrackers have taken more of a "right brain" approach towards playing the game, and most of all why it works!

Throwing Sidearm - Introduction

**Game Changer** Coach Tony explains the most critical checkpoints when teaching the sidearm throw.

Throwing Sidearm - Double Plays

Learn how to incorporate the sidearm throw into your double play feeds.

Throwing Sidearm - Incorporating Into Warm Up

FC alum Kylee and Sammie demonstrate how players can apply our principles of throwing sidearm to their warm up routine.

The Firecracker Load or First Move
*Game Changer* Learn our secrets of how to create a proper rhythm to your swing that will allow you to see the ball better and be on time more often.

Practice this drill in the mirror for 1-2 minutes 3-5 times a week.
Hitting - Be The Hunter
Coach Tony explains the "hunter" posture that helps our players create a strong presence in the batter's box. This is what separates the most dominate hitters on the field from the rest of the pack.
Fastest Way To Improve Batting Average
*This is a game changer* Coach Tony talks about the single most over looked factor that leads to a successful batting average.
Fielding Fundamentals -The Flat Back
Coach Tony talks about one of the key focus points of our ground ball fundamentals. This is a key component often missed by players who over attack the ball.
Slapping - The Drag Bunt Drill
Learn our simple front toss drill that can be done in the backyard, or with a small group of lefties. Successful repetition builds confidence a lot faster than over correction!
Slapping - Soft Slap Practice Drill
Coach Tony explains how to he works with a group of lefties on the soft slap skill. These drills are simple and easy for coaches to reproduce.
Drop Ball/Rise Ball with Kylee Lahners
* Game Changer* Do you want to hit the toughest pitches from the toughest pitchers out there? Listen and watch as coach Tony and former Washington All-American Kylee Lahners discuss and demonstrate how to hit the rise ball and the drop ball. These are not mechanical approaches, but instead we focus on timing and contact points.
Episode (10) Mike Stith
Join FC president Tony as he talks with Batbuster president Mike Stith about his professional growth and the future of softball.
Becoming A Professional Parent
Firecracker president Tony Rico gives some insight on how our parents can professionalize their conduct. Too many parents don't understand how much their behavior can affect their daughter's mindset.
Center Adjust/ 2-2-2 / 1-1-1 with Kylee Lahners
Listen to coach Tony break down our *Game Changer* batting cage routine: These are the most effective cage routines for our players to use to help prepare them for how they are being pitched to by opposing coaches. Leave the cage knowing that you can hit the ball from the left field line to the right field line and that you are ready for any pitch called against you.
The Rhythm Ball
No more picking up balls. This is one of the most simple ways to get a lot of reps with your swing. The Rhythm ball can be hung up in a cage, garage or patio, and it can made for under five dollars!
Hitting - Extension Drill
The most beautiful part of the swing-the extension. Here's a simple five-minute drill that will help develop extension into the swing. See if you can re-create it perfectly/
Players Post-Performance (Debreif)
Stop beating yourself up after your games. Learn to review and take important information from each game, so that you can make adjustments your next game.
Chalk Talk (2) - Bunt Defense
Learn to "break the back" of your opponent by turning a common crisis situation around against your opponent. Understand the concept of an aggressive bunt defense and create success for your team when the tying or winning run is on first base.
Chalk Talk (4) - Team Defense Ball In The Air
*Critical Coaching Information*
Never again will you see a ball drop in between your fielders because of a lack of communication. Learn the proper"chain of command" for communication on balls in the air and make sure those out balls are caught!
Slapping-Breaking Down The Drag Bunt (In The Cage)
The drag bunt kills defenses. Coach Tony explains the key components to learning an effective drag bunt. The drag bunt is an excellent compliment to the slap when used effectively.
Dealing With Today's Players
Coach Tony talks about today's players and how to be prepared for what is the current trend in thinking.
Introduction to Slapping
Firecracker president Tony Rico explains the goal of these slapping lessons, as well as who is a good candidate to become a slapper. Turning over to the left side can drastically increase a good athlete's offensive value.
Tryouts and Recruiting
Tony and Sean discuss how to run an efficient tryout , and the ethics of recruiting players to your team.
Coach Donnie Hagberg (Part 1)
FC coach Donnie Hagberg shares experiences from his eleven years with the Firecrackers, which will benefit all new coaches and dads who are new to the FC's.
Coach Donnie Hagberg (Part 2)
Here is more great insight from coach Donnie for FC coaches and fathers.
The Overall Mindset Of A Player
It only makes sense to have a clear idea of what to expect of yourself before you even put on the uniform. Learn how to develop the strong mental game for which Firecracker players are known
Welcome to Firecrackers OnDemand
Our goal is to lower the costs and increase the value of your softball education. Do not undervalue the power of these lessons. Our history proves that our approach has helped our players reach the top of their game. Now it's your turn!
The Pitch Back
Here FC alum and former All-American Kylee Lahners demonstrates how you can incorperate the "pitch back" into your home practice regiment. It's simple, affordable and fun! Most importantly it's a good way to get a lot of quality repetitions while offsetting your lesson costs.
Episode (8) Big Bear Coach Special
Recommended for all FC head coaches. Coach Donnie Hagberg, Jason Steiner, Sean Brashear and Mark Thornburg join coach Tony as they talk about their experiences with budgeting and fundraising.
Mindset Of A Hitter
Strengthen your mental game by learning the approach used by the game's most successful hitters.
Making Good Great
Coach Tony and Sean Brashear talk about how get a team to play above what others might have projected.
Slapping - Box Dimensions
In order to be efficient with the short game, we must first be proficient. In this video you will learn the actual dimensions of the box, and why this is important for short gamers.
Fielding Fundamentals - Deflection Drill
Here is a simple drill that introduces a quick transfer from glove to hand.
Tell Me
Powerful FC OnDemand trailer
Coach Jason Steiner
Get to know Coach Jason Steiner as he talks about being a coach and a father in the Firecracker organization. Most dads and coaches will relate to a lot of what coach Jason is saying.
Slapping - Breaking Down The Soft Slap (In The Cage)
Coach Tony breaks down the soft slap and explains some differences from the drag bunt. This lesson is excellent for beginners.
Chalk Talk (1) Slap Defense
FC vice president Sean Brashear and coach Tony talk about the slap defense from both an offensive and defensive perspective. Great for coaches and players to gain understanding on how to strategize within this defense.
In The Cage with Amanda Freed Katchka
Olympic gold medalist Amanda Freed Katchka talks about her set up in the batter's box while leading off and batting behind Natasha Watley at UCLA in the early 2000's.
In The Cage with Melissa Roth
Two time All-American Melissa Roth talks about her approach as lead off batter for the University of Louisville. Melissa had thirty-two home runs in her last two years as a cardinal and also won conference player of the year her junior year in 2009.
In The Cage with Lexi Robles
Former Firecracker and St John's middle infielder Lexi Robles stopped by and showed us how she utilized the sneak bunt to increase her value in the line-up.
Becoming A Professional Parent - At The Park
Firecracker parents have a responsibility to be professional in their conduct. Here coach Tony shows a couple of examples of good and poor parent behavior at the park. Which one are you?
Hitting - Game Approach
This is critical as it allows our players to understand what a solid game approach is to their at bats. Coach Tony covers the thought process before and during the at bat that not enough players master.
Hitting - Practice with a Purpose
Here are a few tips to help ensure that your personal practice time is productive. Working smarter has proven itself to be more efficient than just working hard.
Hitting - Setting Up in the Box
In this episode we go over the basics when setting up in the batter's box. Understanding plate coverage is essential for all hitters.

Practice this drill 1 minute a day 3-5 days a week.
Hitting - Contact Points
Learn generally where the contact points are for different pitch locations. This can help you adjust to get your swing "on time". Perform this drill in front of a mirror for 1-2 minutes 2-3 times a week.
Achieve, Purpose, Provide
Coach Tony talks about the triangle of success that we want our players to experience. Most people master two out of the three, but without purpose, what are we?
Coach Tony shares some tips on how to maintain a healthy mindset when dealing with college recruiting. The first generation of early recruiting suffered a lot of emotional damage, so make sure you are educated.
Firecracker Warm Up Routine
Here's an example of how our Firecracker throwing warm up routine. It incorporates both long and short toss. Perform this for about 10-15 minutes before practice or workouts.
Fielding Fundamentals - Home Drills
Here we demonstrate a few simple backyard drills for infielders. Perform 25-50 repetitions of each drill 2-3 times a week.
Drag Bunt - 12 13 Steps to First Base
This is a game changer for lefties! Coach Tony explains how using the front of the box shortens a slappers time to first base. A faster time equals higher value for lefties.
The Drag Bunt
In this video you will learn how to simply execute the drag bunt, which is a critical tool for slappers. We make our drills extremely easy so that beginners can execute this skill immediately.
Slapping - The Soft Slap
Do you know the best way to shorten your time to first base? Here are some tips to one of the most powerful offensive weapons on the field.
Slapping - Closing The Gap To First Base
Here we breakdown the footwork of the soft slap even more, so that we can ensure the fastest time to first base. This is an advantage our lefties have used for many years
Slapping - The Hard Slap
Here we take a look at our hard slap drill using a pitching machine. The hard slap is the slapping compliment to the soft slap.
Quick Tip - Help with Drills
Coach Tony reminds us that often the best quality practice comes from the most simple practice.
Goals of a Slapper
Too many slappers put too much pressure on themselves by only thinking that they have to get on base. Here Coach Tony explains our slappers philosophy, which leads to a higher on-base percentage by not focusing on the result of the at-bat.
Mindset Relating with Umpires
Here's some important advice on how to properly build relationships with umpires. This has a definite impact on your team.
The Overall Mindset of a Coach
It's very important that our coaches envision how it is that they will be conducting themselves. Our behavior should create the perception that our families are in good hands.
Mindset Relating to Players
Here is some important information on how to view your relationship with your players. Creating a framework ahead of time is more important now than ever before.
Mindset Relating to Parents
This is a common problem area for many coaches. Learn how to best approach the confrontational parent and maintain a calm demeanor.
Mindset Towards Championship Play
Take the field with the best state of mind possible, and give your team their best chance to win the big game.
Handling Success and Failure
Here is how we maintain balance and peace of mind through the normal successes and failures of softball.
Talking to College Coaches About Recruiting
Here is some valuable insight as to how to go about the recruiting process. Behavior is everything when it cones to talking with college coaches.
Finding The Right Staff
FC VP Sean Brashear and coach Tony discuss how adding the right type of coaches can be the difference maker in your team's success.
Infielders Mindset
Learn what it takes to have the mindset of a great infielder. Combine this with the proper fundamentals, and you have a complete ballplayer.
Outfielders Mindset
Coach Tony talks about how to demonstrate a behavior and persona that will help you get noticed in one of the toughest places to do so....the outfield.
Episode (4) FC VP Sean Brashear and FC Coach/Admin Roman Gallegos
This is a great listen for FC coaches as we discuss relatable topics on and off the field. Whether its championship play or recruiting, there is always something to learn from when it comes to the experience of FC coaches.
Episode (3) Sean Brashear
Coach Tony sits down with FC VP Sean Brashear bringing you insight as to how building a culture leads to a more fulfilling level of success on the field. Very few coaches actually apply this concept.
Episode (5) Sean Brashear-Year End Recap
Firecracker Vice President Sean Brashear recaps a very successful year for the FC Brashear umbrella. Listen to the ingredients of their success, as it's not the typical route to success that is most taken in softball.
Episode (7) Amanda Freed Katchka
Listen in as the Olympic gold medalist discusses some of this year's hot topics with coach Tony Rico.
Episode (2) FC alum Lexi Robles
Firecracker and St John alumni Lexi Robles stopped by to talk about her experiences as a Firecracker and how it helped prepare her to live in the "big apple".
Episode (6) Derek Allister/OnDeck Softball
Listen to Derek Allister of OnDeck Softball talk about the value of OnDeck Measurements and how college coaches are utilizing this date when recruiting players. Derek and Joann Allister are two of the most respected people in today's world of softball, and any advice from them is good advice.
Episode (1) Amanda Freed Katchka and Melissa Roth
You can't beat the insight and experience from Amanda and Mel. Gold medals, national championships, conference player of the year and five All-American awards between them make this worth listening for every member of the FC's.
9-8-18 Chino Hills Event - Mental Health and FC Culture
Coach Tony gives his annual opening day speech on the philosophy of the Firecrackers. This is recommended if you want an in depth look into what's behind the FC's.
Mindset Of A Pitcher
Before you step in the circle, you must have a mental approach that will allow you to play your best on a consistent basis.
Developing Awareness As A Pitcher
You will perform better when you have heightened your awareness of what's going on around you. Being aware helps you stay in control.
Chalk Talk (3) - Bunt Offense
Many teams fail to move the runner over when they need it the most. In this lesson we talk about how to effectively bunt in the toughest situations against the toughest teams with the toughest pitchers.
Mindset When Leaving A Team
It is extremely important to be a good example for our players, especially when making a tough decision like leaving a team. However, it is still our responsibility to conduct ourselves professionally. Coach Tony offers some advice on how to part ways appropriately.

Taking It Easy Senior Year
Coach Tony talks about the importance of continued development the senior year of high school.



Frustrated with not seeing results from your pitchers come game time? Change the game for your pitchers by applying this new system that starts with empowering the mind and changing the behavior. Next, coach Tony shows you how to master hitting locations and changing speeds. This system leads to getting hitters out, which is the name of the pitching game. This will absolutely change the way you look at pitching and give you a legitimate chance to start winning more big games.

8 Videos
In this series, players will discover the most important and often the most overlooked part of being a professional athlete - the MINDSET. Tony Rico breaks down the fundamental philosophies that will help train your way of thinking, enabling you to unlock your best performance state of mind.
12 Videos
This is a game changer for any player or coach who wants to learn how to quickly implement the slapping game. Do you know a player who would be more valuable from the left side? Maybe you want to lower your time to first base? This is the easiest way to learn how to become an offensive force from the left side of the plate.
12 Videos
Learn the Firecracker overhand routine and important throwing slots that most players fail to learn. It is very noticeable when a player has the correct throwing motion and release. This has been a signature of the FC defense for years.
11 Videos
Coach Tony explains some key principles that we incorporate into our infield work. How you perform a drill can be the difference whether or not you develop the right techniques.
4 Videos

From mindset and behavior, to set ups and practice routines, to cage routines and hitting the toughest pitches. In a day and age where too many people argue about hitting, we're just passing on what has already been proven to work.

15 Videos
This series will teach our coaches how to think, act and execute the game in the same successful way that has made Firecracker softball successful over the past three decades. We will cover mindset, behavior and then finish with team drills and strategies that are guaranteed to set you apart from the "untrained" coach.
39 Videos
This module will discuss and demonstrate how you can become a "professional" minded parent. Why is this important? The rise in depression and anxiety is proof that without a proper support system, too many of our players are unable to deal with the stresses in the game. Follow our simple rules, and you will help more than hinder your daughter's success.
10 Videos

Prepare yourself to win the big games using the FC system. Everything from how to score runs to efficient bunt defenses and more. Use the formula from our championship past to secure your future place on the championship food chain.

21 Videos
Get helpful insight with our "In the Cage" and "Chalk Talk" segments, as well as interviews and other special FC OnDemand footage.
28 Videos

Your point of view can drastically affect the recruiting experience for you and your family

3 Videos